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The FenXChange is a proof-of-concept token system. It does not use blockchain. It does not use mining.
Whenever you send someone tokens using the FenXChange, a form of feedback is given.
In a simple scenario, if you have left feedback for somebody using the system, by sending them tokens, the approximate value of their wallet can be guessed. You will have fewer tokens, and they will have more tokens. A transaction based on some level of trust has taken place.
Futhermore, if someone else, in-turn, has sent them (the person that you sent) tokens, you can derive an approximate worth of that somebody-else's tokens through inheritance.
Because you know that third person less well, and there is more risk associated with their identity, the derived value from their coin in FenX, can generally considered to be worth less. There is no exact way to calculate how much less, but an indicator, personal to you, is given in their credit score.
The format in which FenX sends transactions, is similar to other crytocurrencies, eg. it signs a note saying "A sends B x", though it is worth noting that at present, FenX does not provide a way of sending transactions, instead this is left to the user. Instant messaging, email, IRC or other form of telecommunication can be used to assist such transfers.
The FenXChange allows anyone to mint coins; yes, you did hear that right, anyone ... that said, just because you mint coins, doesn't mean that what you mint is automatically going to be worth billions. A wise man once said "Anyone can produce a limited number of turds, but just because you produce a constant supply, doesn't automatically make them worthy".
FenX was written in Javascript and works in the browser as a single page. It uses tweetnacl and tweetnacl-util. These libraries are fetched from jsDelivr CDN. In theory, if you copy these libraries, it'll work offline.
It is provided without warranty, so I am 100% NOT liable for any of your ridonculous financial losses or other silly stuff regarding all that jazz. Use, but use at your own risk, and don't ask me for a bailout if it all messes up. Wap.

If you like this software, consider sending me fenx by making an issue in github and sending me your code, my fenx address is: